Top 10 destinations you can't miss on a world tour

Top 10 destinations you can't miss on a world tour

Going around the world: who has never dreamed of that? It sounds great: the idea of new experience, exploring new landscapes and different destinations from day to day is tempting.

Thinking about it again, this dream seems unachievable with the cost of plane tickets, travel, food, and availability. However, it is possible to go around the world without having an unlimited budget and according to your desires. Once you have decided to go on an adventure, the next question is on the places to visit. To help you, here is our selection of the must see places for a world tour.

The most visited places during a world tour

According to a survey conducted on people who had the opportunity to travel around the world, the most interesting places not to be missed during a world tour adventure are: 

  • Marrakech: the country of gastronomy, festivities, conviviality is a dream destination with its architecture with ochres, the vivid colors everywhere and decorations made of plants and flowers in every corner. 
  • Siem Reap: with a mixed style, this city combines various values and has one of the wonders of the world. In the French Quarter and around the Old Market, entertainment is always present. 
  • Istanbul: cooking is one of the city's best-known attraction along with its market accessible to all and its countless sights. Its charm is found on its culinary art and its monumental neighborhoods. 
  • Hanoi: a true treasure, this country rich in rare architectures and famous imperial infrastructure is a unique work of art. 
  • Prague: perfect for sharing moments between couples, it is a country with a romantic setting with breathtaking views.

Exceptional and attractive places

If you are looking for a new place to break away from your daily routine, after Prague, you can go to London. Chic, hip, rural, underground ... you will surely find something that suits you.

Then go through Rome, the place that has unique rooftops and beautiful infrastructure. It also includes the world's most photographed tourist spots. Buenos Aires is the next destination, listed among the most attractive places of the world thanks to its different lifestyles and its constantly festive atmosphere.

Finally, do not miss the city of light, always attractive because of its foundations and rare sites without forgetting the various activities for young and old alike.

Go around the world without depriving yourself of anything

Holiday always means relaxation, tranquility, well-being and freedom. Free to choose and do what you want without breaking the rules of society and especially in terms of budgets to benefit from the best services.

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