How much money do you need to go on a world tour ?

How much money do you need to go on a world tour ?

Have you ever thought of going on a world tour? When you think about touring the world, Phileas Fogg's 80 day world tour as described in Jules Verne's popular novel might come to mind. It is often believed that you need a lot of budget before you can set out on a world tour. Find out how much money you really need or this exciting adventure in the world, which consists in touring the world.

Traveling around the world: How long?

In fact, if you travel in order to tour the world, you may not be able to spend many days in one destination. That is because the tour may last many months if you spend too many days in each city or country you visit. In fact, people who tour the world do not stay for more than 24 hours in a city or region.

Most of the time, a world tourist only stay overnight at a destination for bed. This guide with eDreams will help you consider the amount money you need to have for a tour of the world.

How much money is enough for a world tour?

When you set out for a trip, there are a several things you need, including the following: 

  • The time you travel: You should bear in mind that if you travel during the high or busy season, plane ticket price is higher. Therefore, it is more preferable to travel during the low season, when the airplane fare is cheaper. 
  • Destinations: This is another important factor which determines your expenses. Transportation, accommodation and food expenses to some countries are higher than in others. For example, if you travel to India and Asia, and then to South America, your expenses are lower. In contrast, if you travel to Europe, North America, Canada and Japan, you need to bring and spend much more money. 
  • Travel costs: This might be for the plane ticket, recreational vehicle rent, bus, train or cruise fare. Your expenses depend on the means of transportation you choose to take. 
  • Accommodation: You may choose to stay at the most affordable and convenient accommodation available, including a room at a youth hostel, at a studio, or at a villa. Accommodation expenses also vary according to which country you visit. 
  • Food: Your expenses depend on your eating habit, so the expenses vary according to whether you mainly eat fruits and vegetables, or much meat. 
  • Souvenirs: You may need to bring extra money for souvenirs from each place you visit. Your expenses depend on your choice. Antique objects are more expensive. If you want to bring a piece of art work, China has the best deal for you.

A well-organized world tour

In order to serenely prepare your trip around the world, the easiest thing to do is to plan it online with an experienced travel agency, which is eDreams. It is a branch of the group ODIGEO, which is the first online travel agency.

It has connections all over the world, and cooperates with tour operators, travel agencies, hotels and car hire agencies in several countries worldwide. To know the exact amount of money you need for a world tour, go to eDreams' website and select Flight and Hotel. Then, choose to travel to multiple cities in the website menu.

Put in your desired destinations, with other necessary information, such as departure and return dates, number of people traveling. Just a little while after you submit your request, you will get the search results and know your estimated budget for transportation and accommodation. What is left to do is to add extra money for food and other expenses.

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